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Blithe Spirit

Director, Craig Hertel


Ruth–  Megan Krebs
Edith– Alicia Harrison
Charles– Thomas Morgan
Madame Arcati– Deb Clark
Dr. Bradman– John Moragues
Mrs. Bradman– Lisa Cato
Elvira– Alexis Nichols


Playwright  Noel Coward. created Blithe Spirit, a delightfully satirical comedy about ghosts during England’s battle-scarred year of 1941. Blithe Spirit playfully mocks the traditions of love and marriage. It also thumbs its nose at the Grim Reaper.

Charles Condomine is a successful novelist. Ruth is his charming, strong-willed wife. In order to conduct research for Charles’ latest book, they invite a medium to their home to perform a séance, expecting that the eccentric psychic, Madame Arcati, will be a humorous shyster. Well, she is humorous – in fact, her boisterous character practically steals the show! However, her ability to connect with the dead is genuine.

After prancing about the room reciting nursery rhymes, Madame Arcati summons a ghost from Charles’ past: Elvira – his first wife. Charles can see her, but no one else can. Elvira is flirtatious and catty. She enjoys insulting Charles’ second wife. At first, Ruth thinks her husband has gone insane.

Then, after watching a vase float across the room (thanks to Elvira), Ruth accepts the strange truth. What follows is a darkly funny competition between two women, one dead, one living. They battle for the possession of their husband. But as the haunting and the hollering continue, Charles begins to wonder if he wants to be with either woman at all.

The play goes beyond the comic mix-ups inherent in most supernatural comedies. The play explains love and marriage more than it explores the afterlife. But the “fun” that is present with the two wives turns into a deadly duel, made all the more cunning by the playwrights’ surgically incisive wit.

A delightful farce will entertain all who attend and see the drama and comedy unfold.

SHOW DATES – October 20, 21 & 27, 28, 29