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Sweet Charity

July 12-15 and July 19-22
Tuesday, April 24, 6-8pm
Wednesday, April 25, 6-8pm
Saturday, April 28, 1pm, for dancers
This cast call is open to all who would like to participate in the Butterfield experience. In addition to auditioning for one of the on stage roles, you can also volunteer for one of the many behind the scenes positions including Stage Manager, stagehands, wardrobe assistant and technical (light and sound) booth positions.
Charity Hope Valentine (Alto/Mezzo ) Leading role. A dancer at the Fandango ballroom. Very complex character and the actress has to be able to convey a great many emotions and internal conflict. Determined, fun, quirky, funny, despairing, optimistic are just some of the terms for Charity during the show. Very demanding role. The clue to the character is in her name.
Vittorio Vidal (Baritonne) Very handsome, international film star. Italian. Knows his place in the world. Charismatic and authoritative.Madly in love with Ursula.
Helene (Alto/Mezzo) Fandango dancer, friend to Charity. Been around the block a bit. Straight talking, practical, streetwise
Nickie (Alto/Mezzo) Fandango dancer, friend to Charity. A little sweeter than Helene but just as tough
Herman (Tenor) Owner of Fandango Ballroom. Works his girls hard but secretly cares for them. A tough task master.
Ursula March Stunning girlfriend of Vittorio. Madly in love but fiercely jealous. A model/actress type/ Possibly has an exotic accent.
Oscar Lindquist (Baritone) Charity’s main love interest in the show. On the surface, a loveable, shy, young-ish respectable man but indecisive and very confused about relationships.
Daddy Brubeck (Tenor) A true hippie, founder and leader of the Rhythm Of Life Church. Primarily a singing role. Leader with the charisma to attract hundreds of followers.
Ensemble Sweet Charity is a brilliant ensemble show. Not only are there many fantastic song and dance sequences but, because Charity visits many different places in New York (Central Park, a nightclub, the Fandango, the YMCA, the Rhythm Of Life Church, etc.), there is the opportunity for the ensemble to create many different characters. One minute a New Yorker out in Central Park, the next a dancer in high society, the next a hippie groupie of a cult Church leader, the show is fast moving and challenging for the ensemble. There are many small featured speaking roles in the show, as well as featured dancer roles. Some of the roles listed above are also members of the ensemble during parts of the show.

Sweet Charity is a popular musical that has enjoyed successes in both London and New York, as well as the big screen. The show features music by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Dorothy Fields and includes show standards such as ‘Big Spender’, ‘If They Could See Me Now’, and ‘The Rhythm of Life’. Neil Simon’s book is loosly based on Fellini’s screenplay for ‘Nights or Cabiria’ which follows the romantic toils of an optimistic prostitute from a Times Square dance hall.

Dancer Charity Valentine continues to have faith in the human race despite apparently endless disappointments at its hands, and hopes that she will finally meet the nice young man to romance her away from her sleazy life. Maybe, just maybe, handsome Oscar will be the one to do it.

Charity is the eternal optimist. While working at the seedy Fan-Dango Charas as a taxi dancer alongside her two best friends, Nickie and Helene, Charity wants more than anything to be loved. As she wears her heart on her sleeve, she is vulnerable to sleaze-balls who will take advantage of her trusting nature and that desperation to be loved.  Nonetheless, she always holds out hope — and she seems to have finally met a decent fellow in Oscar. Concerned that he will reject her if he discovers her true profession Charity lies to Oscar telling him that she works in a bank. Soon, Oscar asks Charity to marry him. Unfortunately, when Oscar discovers Charity’s real profession, he decides to back out of the marriage. The questions become whether Oscar’s love will remain after he finds out the truth behind Charity, and if so whether they can overcome their fundamental differences.

The delightful musical follows Charity’s romantic ups and downs as she remains ever-hopeful that, despite her work as a prostitute and dancer-for-hire, she will ultimately find love. With grand music, a delightful cast and filled with romance, Sweet Charity will  excite all who witness Charities transition in life.

SHOW DATES – July 12 – 15 & 19-22