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Lost in Yonkers

Director, Debra Campbell
Jay – Nicholas Pyron
Arty – Sebastion Murden
Eddie – Thomas Morgan
Bella – Karmen Pyron
Grandma Krunitz – Debs Clark
Louie – Terry Colquitt
Gert – Tara Lehner




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KGAF  Program…Dee Blanton Interview With Director Deb Campbell and Some Cast Members


About the Director: Debra “Deb” Campbell is a new addition to Butterfield, having relocated from the Houston area to Gainesville last January. She appeared on the Butterfield stage last April in Wedding Belles as Bobrita Tolliver. Deb has been a passionate drama enthusiast for over 42 years serving as a stage crew member, actress, scriptwriter and director in multiple churches, college, and community theaters. All amazing feats considering she’s only 35 years old…wink, wink! Two of the noteworthy roles she has played were Patricia Kershaw in Whose Life Is It Anyway at Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX as well as her role as Rhonda Lynn Lampley in Christmas Belles at Purple Box Theater, Friendswood, TX. Deb and her loving husband, Galen, have a large blended family with 8 kids and their 8th grand on the way. Deb has been an educator for 18 years. She has served locally as a substitute teacher and a Life Skills teacher. She and her husband love to karaoke at the VFW on Fridays and attend First Baptist Church Gainesville.

The Director’s Take: Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon is about life, conflict, letting go, moving on, struggle, resolution, acceptance and coming of age. Neil Simon has a most amazing way of taking everyday life and finding not only the humor in it, but also the poignant moments that memories are made of. If you love the 1940’s, as I do, this play is the play for you! Don’t miss the story of this eccentric family and the unusual ways they show their love for one another! Who can’t relate to that?


Story Line: The Neil Simon play presents an introspective look at life in the early 1940’s. The action is filtered through the eyes of a 15-year-old Jay and his ginger-topped brother, Arty, who is two years younger.

In 1942 in the Bronx, Evelyn Kurnitz has just died following a lengthy illness. Her husband, Eddie Kurnitz, needs to take a job as a traveling salesman to pay off the medical bills incurred, and decides to ask his stern and straight talking mother, from whom he is slightly estranged, if his two early-teen sons, Jay and Arty (who their Grandma calls by their full given names, Yakob and Arthur), can live with her and their Aunt Bella Kurnitz in Yonkers.

His mother refuses at first but reluctantly agrees after Bella threatens to leave her. Despite their Grandma owning and operating a candy store, Jay and Arty don’t like their new living situation as they’re afraid of their Grandma, and find it difficult to relate to their crazy Aunt Bella, whose slow mental state is manifested by perpetual excitability and a short attention span, which outwardly comes across as a childlike demeanor.

Into their collective lives returns one of Eddie and Bella’s other siblings, Louie Kurnitz, a henchman for some gangsters. Jay and Arty’s mission becomes how to make money fast so that they can help their father and move back in together. Bella’s mission is to find a way to tell the family that she wants to get married to Johnny, her movie theater usher boyfriend. Louie’s mission is to survive the next couple of days.

Mr. Simon observes the frayed bonds of this damaged family with a light touch where appropriate but also with honesty and compassion, making the climactic face-off between Bella and her mother all the more moving.

SHOW DATES – May 11, 12 & 18, 19, 20.