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4000 Miles

Director, Sandy Geyer

Lee Skinner as Vera

Alfred Weser as Leo
Katie Carpenter as Rebecca
Marilen Juntado as Amanda
Shannon Rivoire as the voice of Lily

The title of Amy Herzog’s play refers to the cross-country bicycle trip that Leo Joseph-Connell made with a male friend that began in Seattle with New York as their destination. Tradgey strickes midway across the country when the friend is killed in a freakish road accident. Saddened and distraught, Leo cannot bring himself to return to his family in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he has evidently caused severe family disapproval for kissing his adopted sister a little too passionately at a family gathering.

Once in New York, his attempt to seek respite and to reconnect with his estranged girlfriend Bec is futile, as she tells him to take a hike.  It is 3:00 AM when the exhausted and filthy Leo rings the bell of the apartment in Greenwich Village where the long-widowed Vera Joseph, his grandmother, lives alone. Dragging his bike inside and pulling off his backpack, Leo is not in great shape.

The ninety-one year old political activist Vera Joseph’s solitary existence is entirely shaken when her grandson appears at the door in the middle of the night. Leo assures Vera that he won’t stay long. Leo, however, is in crisis, confused by an on-again, off-again romance, furious with his mother’s incessant meddling, and grieving deeply for his best friend and biking partner, Micah.

While Leo seeks solace in his grandmother, Vera finds companionship in another person for the first time since the loss of her husband, Joe.

A finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Drama, Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles is a compassionate, intimate, and frequently funny play that examines the love of the family we can choose, the family we can’t, and the healing power of trust.

** Mature content, edited mature language, recommended for patrons 16 and older.

SHOW DATES – January 26, 27 & February 2, 3, 4