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22-23 Stage Blood


It’s Hamlet!  With a happy ending! 

Stage Blood describes the plight of Carlton Stone Jr., actor and manager of the Caucasian Theater Company, who finds that his offstage life is uncannily paralleling that of the Prince of Denmark, whom he happens to be playing at the time.

Carlton’s father, Carleton Stone Sr., once a great Hamlet, is now dissolute and playing the ghost. He tries to make his reluctant son the Hamlet he once was but unfortunately, during the show, he mysteriously dies.

Among the suspects are his son, his wife Helga who is embroiled in a naughty affair with the actor playing Claudius and the company’s frustrated playwright/stage manager who hates everyone! Will Hamlet shed light on this ridiculous situation? Or will the murderer strike again? Either way, the show must go on!

Here is a Hamlet within a Hamlet within a Hamlet and a murder mystery for people with stage blood in their veins.  Far from shying away from theatrical cliches, Ludlam indulges them to the dizzy limit; the familiar becomes the outrageous, and the result is good farce and a biting send-up on life in the arts!

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