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18-19 Special Event March 22, 2019





Old Tyme Radio Show

Actors will reenact the script for two old tyme radio shows complete with sound effects and commercials. 

Complimentary food and wine.

Rich Johnson
Russel Schmid
Cabie Lamb
Jason Carlyle
Louise Mahnich
Deb Campbell
Logan Johnson


An Ellery Queen Mystery- “The Case of the Murdered Ship” Loose lips can sink ships, and Ellery must untangle the clues to the sinking of an American warship in World War II. How did the enemy know the exact location of the American ship? This classic 1940’s radio drama read in a way only the Butterfield Radio Show Players can, will end with the audience solving the mystery! Watch as the live radio broadcast brings the story to life with Ellery, his secretary Nicki Porter, his father Inspector Queen and Sgt. Velie challenge suspects and solve this mystery.

The Jimmy Durante Comedy Show Join us as the players re-create one of Old Tyme Radios most classic shows that will have the audience laughing out loud and coming out of their seats as the Butterfield Radio Players once again bring Jimmy to life on the air  in strange and hilarious circumstances.